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We provide the highest quality of mowing, trimming, and grass-clippings removal. Get in touch with us if you have a question about a specific service we may offer.

Add on features include:

  • concrete edging
  • hedge trimming
  • mulch & rock bed maintenance
We mow weekly year round for the prices quoted in the quote generator (may be a bit wooden, but you get the idea)
We mow at the standard heights for the industry in this region. Our general rule of thumb: spring and fall-2.25-2.75” mow height; and summer-3-3.5” mow height.
What comes with mowing service? bagging or mulching (cost varies), trimming of all edges, hedges, beds and trees and blowing off of all cement patios, steps, sidewalks, driveways, poolsides, etc.
The weekly schedule for mowing will vary year to year depending on what part of the city you live in. At the beginning of the year we will pick a day for that portion of town and you’ll be informed. If you request a certain day of for mowing service that is outside of that schedule, that can be arranged for a weekly fee due to higher fuel and time costs.

Fertilizer & Weed Control

Choose from our 6-step application program for the greenest, happiest yard on the block. And to top it off, get your yard some air with a fall Aeration service!

  1. Step 1 Early-Mid April 19-0-2 50%STN .20% Barricade
  2. Step 2 Mid-Late May 13-0-0 25%STN .20% Barricade
  3. Step 3 Late Jun-Early July 15-0-0 25%STN .2% Merit (grub)
  4. Step 4 August 13-0-4 50%STN 6% Fe
  5. Step 5 Mid-Sep 24-0-4 25%STN
  6. Step 6 Mid-Late Oct 34-0-5

Customizable plans and individual applications can be done for a separate cost. Please contact us directly for a quote. The cost is more expensive per application to deviate from the 6-step plan.


Every year your lawn takes on debris and grass from the natural environment and from mowing your lawn. It’s a great idea to aerate every fall to help your lawn breath and get the sunlight and water deeper into the roots of your grass. If you’d like your lawn aerated, either contact us for a free quote or examine this quote chart below based on lawn size.

0-4000 sq. ft.= $40
4000-6000 sq. ft.= $60
6000-9000 sq. ft.= $80
9000-12000 sq. ft.= $100
12k+call for estimate

Send us an inquiry if you’re interested in this specific service!

Clean Up

Spring and fall yard cleanups are a catch all one-time lawn service. If you have something you need removed or adjusted, let us know and we can provide a quote!

Send us an inquiry if you’re interested in this specific service!

Mulch/Rock Maintenance

If you have rock or mulch beds on your property that need either one-time or routine maintenance, we can do that for you. Typically it looks like either a. adding mulch or rock to your beds or b. treating and/or pulling weeds and cleaning up the beds. Either or both of these services can be estimated for free and done for you at a great price and convenient time for you!

Send us an inquiry if you’re interested in this specific service!